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These are provided to ensure that children develop in all aspects of their lives. I.e. These activities undertaken ensure that children make good progress educationally, are healthy, develop good self-esteem and interpersonal skills, learn basic health care and get medical treatment when necessary, are exposed to the gospel of salvation and commitment to Christ, and grow in knowledge and obedience to Christ.


There is no greater investment like education! Education has a price; but her rewards are priceless. For the vulnerable education is not only a key to a brighter future but a refugee from all vices associated with poverty.  For this reason, FMCDP is dedicated to improving livelihood by sending children to school. With this changed life, we are guaranteed a changed society!

 Your annual support empowers the child attains the highest level of education according to his/her ability. By paying their school fees, monitoring academic progress, offers appropriate educational guidance and helps conduct Scheduled and spontaneous school visits too.

  In the face of COVID-19; the Project hired professional teachers who are preparing home-based learning materials. These are assessed and assistance is offered to those identified. Reading materials (storybooks) are being provided monthly to grow vocabulary


“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  John Dewey


FOCUS Mulago Child Project ensures that all children and families under support are healthy. This is through treating the sick, providing health programs for both children and parents and offering a balanced meal for every child on Center day.  Health screening is done twice a year to identify patent health issues that are then attended to.  Food supplements are distributed to families facing food crisis. We also come in to settle rental arrear for families facing eviction. We renovate and build homes with availability of funds.

HIV/AIDS continues to be a reality in our nation Uganda and the world over. FMCDP supports children and parents living positively through what we call the “Support group”. The support group is a fellowship where those living positively get to meet at least once a month to encourage and offer support to one another by offering social, physical and moral support. With a special budget, we ensure that family with children/parents living positively have balanced meals at all times since this is very critical for them to stay healthy.

Recognizing that the child under support comes from a wider community, we make it our social concern to ensure that the communities we work with are healthy. Therefore, from time to time, we have organized different health seminars for Village Health Team (VHTS) workers and carried out different community outreach programs.


Our Motto:

  Proverbs 22:6;  “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

We believe that the bible is final in all matters of Faith. Only God’s word has the power to transform lives. We, therefore, teach and study God’s word together with the children. Through the different spiritual programs which include spiritual camps, devotions and bible lessons on center days; discipleship programs for those who accept Jesus as Lord and savior, evangelism and mission and prayer days. Our goal is to nature mature Christians who will, in turn, transform the community and the world.  


Coming from a disadvantaged community associated with poverty; a lot of essential activities and services are considered a luxury. We come in to bridge this gap by organizing annual events like sports days and galas, Music Dance and Drama festivals and outings. The objective is to; nurture talent, cultivate a team spirit, increase exposure, create awareness and interactive learning, relax the mind and soul. 


Age-appropriate livelihood skills programs are organized annually to offer vocational skills to the children. In turn, the children are to use these skills to contribute towards the family income.
“My son Edson learnt how to make paper beads at the Project. When he returned home, he taught me how to do the same and since then, my life hasn’t remained the same. Beadwork has become a source of livelihood. I am forever grateful to FOCUS!” Rose- Edson’s mother 



A family is the basic unit of society. Society shapes morals, character and values. The influence of the community on child growth and development cannot be downplayed. Recognizing its significance, we reach the needs of those around us with Christ’s compassion. This is through medical camps, health training, evangelism programs and other relief programs with the availability of funds.


 We believe that family is still the best support system and offers the best environment for growth and development. We do not institutionalize children. We therefore offer support to families to make them self-sustaining and healthy for child growth and development.  This is through periodic parenting seminars, relief aid in form of house rent and food. We offer entrepreneurship lessons and business grants. Health care/ treatment and social outings/trips with the availability of funds. In the face of COVID-19, families are being supported with monthly food rations, business capital, settling rental arrears for those facing eviction, provision of sanitary items and medical care.

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Because of life skills training, children are better at decision making, there are fewer cases of teenage pregnancies, less aggressive behavior, less truancy cases, more openness and sharing of good and bad times, and a general change of behavior and attitudes for the better.


More children want to get out of a slum life and have big dreams for the future.